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Indulge Yourself in the Traditional Flavors of Scotland with Cock-a-Leekie Soup

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March 5, 2022

11am SF | 2pm NY | 4pm Chile | 5pm UK

  • Simple and easy to make for all skill levels

  • Impress guests by cooking up a New Year Celebration dinner fit for a President

  • The ingredients are readily available

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Have you ever wondered what culinary delights the White House chefs serve up to Presidents, Heads of State, and visiting royalty?

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  • Recipes are simple and easy to make for all skill levels

  • Impress guests by cooking up dishes fit for a President

  • The ingredients are readily available

  • Discover the tantalizing recipe Marti perfected and served to King Abdullah II of the Kingdom of Jordan (page 8)

  • What makes the First Ladies refreshing salad so delightful? (page 12)

  • A favourite of Ronald Reagan, this soon became a popular Whitehouse dish, served at many important events (page 18)

  • This classic French dessert was a favorite of President Jefferson (page 14)

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Meet White House Chef Marti Mongiello

Appointed by the Secretary of the Navy to the White House Military Office, Marti served as a manager of the world’s most exclusive resort—The Presidential Resort at Camp David.

Marti got his start as the Executive Chef to the President and First Family.

His responsibilities at Camp David included a variety of entertainment services: a private hotel, several restaurants, executive dining rooms, the Presidential home of Aspen, 16 guest homes, pools, ponds, golf, stables, a recreational bowling alley, gym, skeet range and more.

Marti captains several award-winning culinary teams and appears on numerous television mini-series and segments with ABC, CNN, FOX, PBS, NBC, CBS, the Today Show, NHK Tokyo, Vitaya, in Italy and Brussels in Belgium.

He lived globally, assisting at White House dinners, preparing banquets for Royalty and Prime Ministers that include cuisines from 50+ countries.

Exclusive White House Recipes

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